Introducing Realogic Tools version 3

Realogic Analytics is proud to announce the latest major release to its popular ARGUS Valuation-DCF® to Excel product, Realogic Tools version 3.0. 

This new version features multiple new features and enhancements to existing functionality. For a full review of changes, see the attached release notes. 

Introducing Realogic Tools 2.5

Realogic is proud to announce the release of the newest version of Realogic Tools, version 2.5.

The latest release is now compatible with Excel 2010 and ARGUS Valuation-DCF v15.

As many of you know, a beta available has been made available for the past several weeks, which has been working smoothly.

Realogic would like to thank our clients who helped get this mainstream release ready. Your support helps make Realogic Tools the best it can be.

Please contact your Realogic representative and we will send this new release electronically and assist you in upgrading your current version. You may also post questions or report issues right here at the Realogic Tools support site.

NOTE: If you upgrade to ARGUS Valuation-DCF version 15, you may need to contact ARGUS Software to enable the "OpenArgus" functionality. It appears that version 15 has this feature disabled by default ("OpenARGUS..." is grayed out in the Valuation-DCF "File" menu). The process is simple and free - simply contact ARGUS Software technical support."

Compatibility with ARGUS Valuation-DCF 15

This notice is no longer valid. The current version of Realogic Tools does indeed work with Argus v15.

As you may be aware, ARGUS Valuation-DCF v15 was released on January 31, 2011.

Due to changes made to the OpenArgus database, Realogic Tools will not currently work with Argus v15. We are actively working on a new version of Realogic Tools that will address the changes.

We will post updates on the new version's status on this support website. You may also post questions or report issues here.

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