The following steps are required to upgrade your installation of Realogic Tools™:

  1. Backup your database
  2. Uninstall the version of Realogic Tools™ currently installed
  3. Install the new version of Realogic Tools™
  4. Activate your license

You must be logged in as the end-user of this product, and you must have administrative permissions, in order to uninstall, install, and activate your product. If you do not have these permissions, speak with your network administrator before proceeding.

Backup Your Database

If you are also upgrading ARGUS Valuation-DCF from version 14 to 15, ignore this step.

Realogic Tools was originally installed with a Microsoft Access database that may be used to transfer property data from ARGUS Valuation-DCF™ to the Realogic Tools program. If you are using this database (RealogicTools_v14.mdb for ARGUS Valuation-DCF version 14; RealogicTools_v15.mdb for ARGUS Valuation-DCF version 15), and you wish to retain the property data in the database after upgrade, then you must backup the database, otherwise it will get overwritten.

  1. Find the folder in which Realogic Tools is installed (default location isC:\RealogicTools)
  2. Rename the database (for example: renameRealogicTools_v14.mdb to RealogicTools_v14_backup.mdb)
  3. After you upgrade your software (see Install New Version below), delete the database that was just installed with the new version (for example: RealogicTools_v14.mdb)
  4. Rename the saved database back to the original name (for example: renameRealogicTools_v14_backup.mdb to RealogicTools_v14.mdb).

Uninstall Realogic Tools

  1. Exit Excel
  2. Go to the Windows Start Menu, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs (in Vista/Win7: Programs and Features)
  3. Select Realogic Tools
  4. Click the “Remove” button.


Reinstall Realogic Tools

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